Rods, Tubes & Machined Components in PEEK, PCTFE & PTFE upto 2100 mm or 82 inches

Rods, Tubes & Machined components of PTFE, PCTFE & PEEK upto 3000 mm Outer Diameter with FDA & NORSOK M710 certification.


Fluorseals manufactures the raw material - PTFE and also manufactures the Rods, Tubes and components from Virgin, Modified and Filled Compounds using several different techniques such as ram extrusion, compression molding, paste extrusion and isostatic molding.

The addition of a suitable quantity of organic, inorganic and mineral fillers can improve some mechanical, chemical, tribological, thermal and electrical properties. Up to 60% by volume of fillers can be added to virgin PTFE. The most common fillers are glass fibers, carbon, molybdenum disulfide, carbon fibers, bronze and graphite.

Fluorseals offers etched products. Etching is a chemical specific process that makes PTFE tapes, sheets or finished parts bondable on different substrates and materials. The bondable side (etched surface) can be easily distinguished by the typical dark brown color it assumes after the etching treatment.

PTFE and filled PTFE molded billets are skived into tapes of different thicknesses, ranging from 0.025mm (.001″) up to 6mm (.250″). Ready ex stock tapes are available for the most common sizes and thicknesses. Special sizes, thicknesses and special compounds are available on request. All our films undergo a computerized visual inspection system to assure a consistent quality. Tapes can be offered un-etched, one side etched and two side etched.

Isostatic molding of granular PTFE powder, which is put in a closed flexible mould to which is then applied hydrostatic pressure using a fluid contained usually in a metal vessel. The even and constant application of pressure throughout the cycle time as well as its uniformity all along the shape of the mould lead to a semi-finished with outstanding and uniform physical properties. The tubes obtained by isostatic molding are a preferred semi-finished to machine high-end sealing components, such as lip seals, gaskets, scrapers and other parts for the hydraulic and pneumatic industry.