Rods, Tubes & Machined Components in PEEK, PCTFE & PTFE upto 2100 mm or 82 inches

Rods, Tubes & Machined components of PTFE, PCTFE & PEEK upto 3000 mm Outer Diameter with FDA & NORSOK M710 certification.


Fluorseals offers Rods, Tubes & machined components in Virgin and Filled grades of PEEK upto 2100 mm in diameter. Special compounds can be specifically developed together with customers. PEEK is available with NORSOK M710 certification

PEEK or Polyether Ether Ketone is a high performance thermoplastic polymer with a highly stable chemical structure which guarantees superior performance over a wide range of temperatures and extreme conditions.

PEEK has excellent mechanical properties like strength, rigidity, impact resistance, low wear rate and low coefficient of friction retained over a wide range of service temperatures which allows parts to be designed with reduced weight and greater durability. PEEK is also highly resistant to thermal degradation as well as the wear and chemical resistance ensure longer life and integrity of components in harsh environments.

PEEK has good resistance to beta and X rays, as well as gamma rays (more than 1000 mrad without significant loss of mechanical properties). These properties make it a material suitable for sterilization and due to its features of biocompatibility (USP Class VI), a strong candidate for medical applications. This makes PEEK ideal for use in many high-end application in industries such as Chemical, Electrical and Electronic, Petrochemical, Automotive, Mechanical, Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductors and Food.