Rods, Tubes & Machined Components in PEEK, PCTFE & PTFE upto 2100 mm or 82 inches

Rods, Tubes & Machined components of PTFE, PCTFE & PEEK upto 3000 mm Outer Diameter with FDA & NORSOK M710 certification.


Fluorseals offers Rods, Tubes & machined components in PCTFE which is suitable for cryogenic applications as it best retains its mechanical properties at extremely low temperatures and is therefore the least fragile of the fluoropolymers.

PCTFE, Polychlorotrifluoroethylene (fluteck™ C100) is a melt-processable chlorofluoropolymer: the presence of a chlorine atom, which has a greater atomic radius than that of fluorine, gives rise to irregularities in the polymer chain and reduces polymer crystallinity. This results in PCTFE having a relatively low melting point among fluoropolymers. It is also the polymer with the lowest water vapor and moisture absorption rate. It resists ignition because its Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) is greater than 95.

PCTFE resists attack by most chemicals, a property that is exhibited due to the presence of its high fluorine content. It is oxidation resistant because it does not have any hydrogen atoms.

PCTFE - fluteck™ C100

recommended for cryogenic application, handling of gases
strong points better mechanical properties than other fluoropolymers, low permeability
weak points not suited for temperature above 150°C - high cost